How To Use Your Book As a Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business

How To Use Your Book As a Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business

I Am An Author… And Now What? Can I Use My Book To Grow My Business?

It is 2015. It is getting more and more difficult to market your business and your brand. The concept “If you build it, they will come” is not working anymore. As reported by Garther, 50 percent of companies increased marketing spend in 2015. But if you are an entrepreneur or a small business (SMB) you might not have the budget to assemble a top-profs marketing team. So what will YOU do to get exposure and grow your business this year?

The smartest marketers know that customers favor businesses that meet them halfway. They like those who provide something of value in order to win customers’ attention. The great answer to that is to write and publish a book, that will not only present you as an obvious and credible expert in the industry but will also solve problems your prospects might have.

Being a published author will not only let you get income from the book sales. In fact, you can start earning money as soon as you have a title and a book cover.  As a published author, you will benefit from the authority and credibility that comes from publishing a book. It’s more about personal branding than making money from actually selling the book.

When you are a published author, people see you in a different way, their first impression towards you will be different. They trust you more sub-consciously.  A book helps you to get media and press attention thus helping you expand your business.

This works especially well if you want to become a speaker, trainer and/or consultant. This also helps you in negotiation and winning client projects at a high fee. The book-as-business-card is a proved approach in marketing yourself as a brand.

Publishing a Book is The Absolute Best Marketing and Income Acceleration Tool In This New Economy, – said  Gerry Robert in his book Multiply Your Business.

There are four major parts in publishing a book:

  1. Deciding to publish a book
  2. Writing it
  3. Funding it
  4. Publishing & Marketing
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Of course a busy entrepreneur, you might not have enough time for all these steps and actions. Then a smart investment for you would be to partner with a publisher who has a perfectly operating system of taking an author through all the publishing steps.

For example, Black Card Books is a publishing firm with decades of experience in the publishing business, developed a special The Instant Author Program that guides an author from choosing the title to selling the book.

It takes almost as much effort to produce an amateurish book as it does to create one of professional quality. The returns, both economic and psychological, will reflect your investment and industry knowledge. You don’t get a do-over once the book is out, so be sure to get the best book possible to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Have you ever thought or writing a book? Do it now and take your career to the next level.

Maya Roeland

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