Facebook Messenger Code – Making it Easy for Customers to Contact Your Business

Facebook Messenger Code – Making it Easy for Customers to Contact Your Business

Say Hello to Messenger Codes:
Find the 900 million people who use Messenger every month more easily thanks to Usernames, Links and Messenger Codes.

How to access your Facebook Business Page messenger code

  • Navigate to your page
  • Click on messages
  • Now click download and share your messenger code

How to scan a FB Messenger code to add people to your Messenger contacts

Ensure you’re using the most up to date version of Facebook Messenger App

  • Open Messenger
  • Click on People
  • Now scan code is your top option
  • Hold your camera on your phone/tablet up to a messenger code
  • Now they’re added to your Messenger contacts

How to generate your personal Facebook profile messenger code

Ensure you’re using the most up to date version of Facebook Messenger App

  • Open Messenger
  • Click on People
  • Now scan code is your top option At the top, now click on My Code
  • Now either screen shot it, so that you’ve got it in your pictures folder on your phone/i-pad, or share it on your personal profile.

Where can you use this?

Anywhere in your marketing, but be prepared for more messages in messenger and less phone calls! It’s a good idea to set up auto replies before you do this, as people expect a quicker response from messages that they send through Facebook messenger.

Here’s some ideas to get you started

  • Post on your Facebook Business page to let people know that they can now add your business to contacts more easily
  • Make it your Facebook Business page profile picture
  • Add it to printed marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures, business cards
  • Add it to your website on your contact us page
  • Add it to POS and T-shirts if you’re exhibiting at events, conferences and trade shows
  • Add it to your email signature
  • Share it on your other social profiles such as Twitter and Instagram

This is what Facebook wrote on its blog about the Messenger code:

At Messenger, we always aim to make life simpler, fun and more delightful. Starting today we are taking another step forward in delivering a new solution to the more than 900 million people who use Messenger every month. Phone numbers aren’t necessary, and you don’t have to be friends on Facebook.

Since traditional phone books are almost obsolete, we’re making it easier for you to find the people (and businesses) that matter to you and be able to start conversations immediately with the launch of a simple set of tools that are built for the modern world – Messenger Codes, Messenger Usernames, and Messenger Links. We’re starting to roll these tools out today. Here’s how they work:

Messenger Codes are the best way to find people in Messenger, whether you’re standing side-by-side or looking at your computer screen. No matter where you are – online or at an event – all you have to do is scan a code someone shares with you, and then you can start that important conversation. No more back and forth with texts trying to make sure you have the right number saved and awkwardly asking people how to spell their names. Your settings tab in Messenger has your own Messenger Code displayed prominently to scan or share.

We also took special care to make Messenger Codes as beautifully designed as possible so you can use them everywhere – on business cards, online, or in-store and anywhere else you like.

Messenger Links and Usernames are your very own personalized links that you can share anywhere online – from your email signature to a website – so people can reach you quickly on Messenger. You can send your Messenger Link directly to your contacts or friends. Tap or click any Messenger Link to open Messenger directly to a thread with that person or business. We are all unique human beings but sometimes we share the same name! This can make it hard to know you are contacting the right person when searching for them in Messenger. Now, it’s simple to find someone by their very own unique username. You can find and share your username from your Settings tab.

When people connect, powerful things happen and life just gets better …. from an exchange with an old friend that brings a smile to your face or a new contact that changes your life path, or even the world, these new tools will make it easier for you to be even more connected.

Maya Roeland

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