Preroll ads on YouTube: Skip Ad or Do Not Skip Ad?

Is YouTube a good platform for advertisement? It is all about marketing talent now!

A lot of people skip pre-roll ads on YouTube. Me too! My head is programmed to move the mouse in the lower right corner as soon as I click “Play” on a YouTube video. It is more a reflex, than a genuine decision.

A big challenge for advertisers to deliver a message in those mini seconds before a user hits “Skip Ad” button.

That is where Geico became famous in – creating “unskippable” preroll ads! Geico understands the importance of the first seconds, so the message is delivered right away. What happens after the first five seconds is part of the humor. The ads will run as :15s, 30s and even longer spots, but …as they say on the 6th second in the ad: “You can not skip this Geico ad because it is already over!”

Watch this. You will be rewarded for your patience!

There are 4 videos: Family, High Five, Cleaning Crew, and Elevator. The marketing agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. did a brilliant job.

What do you think about this dog? Adorable or ill-mannered?

Maya Roeland

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