Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts – Best Practices

Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts – Best Practices

Are you looking to take your hotel or resort to the next level through social media?

There are special social media marketing techniques that will help you get increase bookings, a return in clientele and encourage exponential growth of your business. Engaging with your guests via social media will increase awareness of your hotel or resort and get your potential guests excited about their next vacation.

In this article we’ll show you the best practices to take your resort’s social media marketing to the next level.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts: Knowing your Customer

Before the guest books your hotel or resort they will probably have done some research to pick the right hotel for them. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tripadvisor you have the ability to influence how the guest perceives your hotel or resort before they book.

Determine what you offer and the types of guests that you want to cater to. Is your clientele made up primarily of business or recreational, singles or families, do you want to convey a romantic or action packed vibe, budget or luxury? The tone you set will be used across all social media platforms so it is important to get your messaging straight from the start.

Once you have narrowed this demographic, encourage guests to “like” you on Facebook or “tweet” you on Twitter. Reward them by offering discounts on products and services. If they have a travel blog, ask them to write about your hotel for further discounts. If they do not have a travel blog push them to post a review through their Facebook account on Tripadvisor.

Manage your online reputation, by inviting guests to post reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and other review websites. Make sure you also respond to all reviews and that you manage your profile on these sites (description, pictures, contact info).

Invite guests to join your Facebook page (upload their emails), and ask them to post pictures of the hotel and their trip. Panoramia is also a great site to have guest post pics as it is linked to Google Earth & Maps.

Trending hashtags can be used to increase awareness of your hotel or resort

There may be particular times you want more people at your hotel or resort. As shown below Wythe Hotel uses Instagram to showcase that on June 27th and 29th they have an officiater for weddings. Special promotions like this one encourage guests to book with Wythe Hotel instead of others in the area if they want to get married.


Twitter Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

How do you get your message across in 140 characters or less?

Through the direct influence of Twitter.

Twitter makes it easy for guests to share their experiences with friends to generate referrals. It also provides a gateway to expose guests to what your hotel or resort has to offer.

1. Include a link to current promotions – This is reliant on the amenities you have available and the dates you are looking to book in your hotel or resort.

2. Promote events happening in your hotel and around the city – Is it a holiday or special event in the city? Get people excited by sharing event information.

3. Offer discounts and services to amenities offered outside of hotel rooms. – Perhaps you have a salon, spa or restaurant onsite. Offer deals to guests to get them onsite so they can see your hotel and remember it for future visits or share with their circles.

The May Fair Hotel is letting guests know its always the perfect time for a Pimm’s cup since the Tennis is on.


These simple steps will help you grow your fan base and create interaction with your guests. Engagement is not easy online, but these tips and best practices should help your hotel’s social media marketing strategy.

Maya Roeland

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