Key takeaways from Digital Marketing Live! conference

Key takeaways from Digital Marketing Live! conference

Digital Marketing Live! is the annual event for marketing professionals, the biggest in Benelux. It is organized by Emerce – online business, media & marketing magazine.

On June 3rd of 2015 we attended the 4th edition of this event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It offered a wide range of activities – presentations, continuous sessions, happenings, panel discussions, workshops and round tables.

There were 1924 visitors:
• Media planners, media directors, media managers
• Marketeers: brand managers, marketing managers, product managers
• Online marketeers, specialists
• Communication and PR managers
• Publishers, media operators, advertising sector, online sector

It was about exchanging knowledge, tactics, best practices, information from cases and contacts.

The focus was on the following topics:
• Search (SEO, SEA)
• Mobile (apps, advertising, messaging)
• Campaigning (viral marketing, games, utilities, multichannel campaigns)
• Dialogue (e-mail marketing, CRM)
• Analytics
• Social (communities, PR, brand pages)
• Online advertising (Affiliate marketing, online media planning, performance-based advertising, audience targeting, real-time bidding, game advertising)
• Video & TV

You can review some of the best presentations here.

What are the 3 key takeaways from Digital Marketing Live! conference for a modern marketeer?

✅ Mobile Moment has arrived! Do not miss it

Over the last decade, Mobile has driven an unprecedented behavioral and cultural shift, providing utility, information and connectivity at our fingertips. Mobile is increasingly becoming the main screen accessed throughout the day, and Mobile marketing, in turn, has developed into a sophisticated, personalized marketing channel to reach Mobile consumers. In this paper, we explore the Mobile landscape and identify opportunities and solutions for advertisers.

✅ It’s all about engagement and conversion

Before marketers were thinking, “We need as much engagement as we can get!”  Now we know more! More engagement does not necessarily mean more conversions. Actually, too much engagement can actually be bad for your website. That’s why you need just the right amount of engagement in your conversion optimization recipe. So remember: use engagement strategically. Keep people on your site without adding friction or confusing them — and you’ll likely improve your conversion rates.

✅ Any marketing effort should be measured and analysed

In the late 1800s, John Wanamaker—the revolutionary marketer credited with the invention of fixed, no-haggle prices and money-back guarantees—uttered a few words which have plagued marketers for the better part of a century: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” In the new age of accountable marketing, this type of waste is no longer necessary or tolerated for long. That is why a high-performance marketing plan includes a process for the careful tracking of key metrics, so that programs can be optimized and executives can clearly see their value.

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Maya Roeland

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